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National Geographic Magazine - A new addition to our library.
It's Valentines Day!
Here are a few sweet books about love.
Which book character does Kieran Read best identify with and what has he read?? (Click here to find out)
Which book character does Ruby Tui best identify with and what does she read?? (Click here to find out)
BREAKS IN THE LIBRARY You are welcome to be in the library at break times if you are reading, studying or playing chess. When the weather is good, school policy says that you should be outside so unless you are reading, studying or playing chess then you can expect to be asked to leave.
I.D.Photographs, of all year 9 students and any other 'new' students at WHS, are being taken in the library. Usually during break 2. Please come and have your picture taken!
Are you interested in reading Rainbow themed books? Contribute to Out on the Shelves by reviewing books for the OOTS database (just click on the pic, for more information).
8 Horror titles for you
2024 Welcome to the Library.
Frankton Library is just across the road from WHS
The New Zealand Justice System
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