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The 2024 theme for Samoa Language Week is 'Tautua i le alofa, manuia le lumana’i – Serve in love for a blessed future'. This year’s theme aims to clearly express the significance of service that is founded on love. Service begins in the family and continues in schools, villages, churches, in our communities and countries. Service is a practice that is not exclusive to certain people or ages, but rather, a process that begins at childhood and continues into adulthood.
Radio New Zealand Podcasts about New Zealand wars 'Stories of Tauranga Moana'
It's New Zealand Music Month. We have local musicians playing in the school foyer on Wednesdays during Break 2 and quite a few books about New Zealand musicians on our library shelves!
We have had some magazines, called 'Homespun', donated to the library. A great source of ideas for everyone interested in textile crafts.
Popular Books - a presentation of the most popular books issued by U.S. public libraries in 2023 (just click on the 'popular book' below!!)
Some sweet, funny, pink reading for the hopeless romantics
BREAKS IN THE LIBRARY You are welcome to be in the library at break times if you are reading, studying, working on a jigsaw puzzle or playing chess. When the weather is good, school policy says that you should be outside so unless you quietly occupied you can expect to be asked to leave.
Are you interested in reading Rainbow themed books? Contribute to Out on the Shelves by reviewing books for the OOTS database (just click on the pic, for more information).
Frankton Library is just across the road from WHS
The New Zealand Justice System
Research New Zealand History
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