Touch rugby

Woolley, David

Touch rugby :
everything you need to play and coach
Cover subtitle: Everything you need to play and coach.
Contents: Getting started - simplified playing rules -- Acquiring possession skills -- Acquiring defensive skills -- Developing attacking play -- Develooping defensive strategy -- Playing at a higher level - attack -- Playing at a higher level - defence -- Refining high level attack -- Fit for touch.
Summary: Touch Rugby is a rapidly growing game and an attractive sport to rugby coaches and players because of the core skills it develops and the high levels of fitness it encourages. The absence of contact, the high value placed on developing foundational Rugby skills, and the game's capacity to be played by men's, women's and mixed teams makes it the ideal sport for pre-season training and also to the Fitness community more generally. This book is the ultimate resource for players and coaches of Touch Rugby at all levels and stages of the game as well as rugby union and league players and coaches wishing to incorporate Touch principles into their training and approach. The book outlines player pathways from beginner to intermediate to elite. The core fitness requirements of the sport (speed, dynamism and agility) are clearly described alongside advice on programmes that encourage the development of these abilities.

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David Woolley
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