Last chance

Hurwitz, Gregg Andrew

379 pages Sequel to: The rains Summary: Phase one of the invasion began with spores that turned everyone over the age of eighteen into vicious, unhuman beings, unrecognizable as the trusted adults they once were. These Hosts paved the way for the invaders and transformed the small town of Creek's Cause into a war zone. Holed up in the local high school, frightened kids and teenagers struggle to survive - at least until their eighteenth birthdays. Now, a new breed of predatory creatures has spawned and is spreading across the world, devouring everything in its path. Earth's only hope is two overwhelmed teenage brothers - and their closest friend, Alexandra - who may hold the key to human survival. But how far will they have to go to save everyone and everything they care about?

A Bob’s book
Librarian's Miscellania
Gregg Hurwitz
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